Connect Church (formally known as CGC Paisley) is part of Christian Growth International, this is our covering body and we are accountable to the leadership of CGI.



Impact people and nations by equipping and releasing the saints.

  • Sensitivity and responsiveness to moving of Holy Spirit.
  • A worshipping church.
  • A praying church.
  • Growing and developing relationships.
  • Giving generously; tithing as a church.
  • Openness to and demonstrations of signs and wonders, healing and miracles.
  • A desire for unity and a spirit of non-competitiveness in relation to other churches and ministries.
  • Having the ability to maintain the individual call on the local church without sacrificing the unity of the wider body of CGi. Diversity within unity .
  • A church that moves in faith.
  • An initiating church — one that is advancing as doers of the Word and not hearers only.
  • Releasers of people and ministries— not binding.
  • Power preaching and teaching— the preaching of the gospel without apology. “For I’m not ashamed of the gospel, it is the power of God unto salvation.” Rom. 1:16


Vision, whether stated or not, will be at work in our lives.  The communication of vision allows others to draw along side in agreement to form relationships that create a synergy so that the sum of the whole is far greater than the sum of the parts. Vision is caught through the witnessing of the words and actions of those inspired by it. We have written the following words to put language to what has been the inspiration behind the actions of  the leadership of CGi. We have a great call, come join us.

  • To recognise, equip and release leaders who will influence church, commerce and community for godliness.  2 Tim. 2:2
  • To plant churches and ministries that understand how to recognise, equip and release others and thus impact the nation and the nations.  2 Tim. 2:2
  • To restore broken ministers.  2 Cor.1:3
  • To provide assistance and resources for CGi and other ministries.  Rom. 1:11
  • To facilitate the development of a media ministry encompassing areas such as music, movement magazine, publishing house, video, audio, radio and TV.  Ps. 68:11
  • To always be open to the moving of Holy Spirit in whatever way He desires to bring refreshing and renewal to the Body of Christ.  Gal. 5:25
  • To have fun as we serve the Lord in the vision.  Phil. 3:1


These values are the base of the DNA of CGi and therefore are our identity:

  • Speak Life – look for good in all situations
  • Integrity – doing things right
  • Iconoclasty – tear down ‘Religious Idols’
  • Passion for Souls – to see souls saved
  • Resilience – keep getting up when knocked down
  • Transparency – be open, admitting when wrong
  • Risk Taking – have faith and then do it
  • Generosity – receive to give, in every area
  • Can Do Mentality – if God says so, do it
  • Empowerment – empower others and trains others to replace you
  • Relationship – to maintain open and healthy relationships with continuing dialogue