Directors and Leadership

Graham McCallum

Graham McCallum


I get to lead our community pod. Church exists in and for community and we love the West End of Paisley! Exploring and developing ways to connect with people, to do life together, to serve our community and live out our faith through our actions is a great privilege.


Why I’m on Leadership:

One of the following is correct (it’s the third one, honest)

1. Because we get free childcare once a month to sit in comfy chairs at leadership meetings.

2. Because I really love to be the centre of attention and feel important.

3. Because I am passionate about our community and how the church can develop it’s role to ‘love like Christ’ and an annoyingly wise pastor pointed out that I could do this as part of the leadership team.


2 reasons to come to Connect Church:

1. You can be yourself and connect with God as the you He made you to be (and so going to a place with other people doing the same who can journey with you seems like a good idea!)

2. I know that Jesus Christ can transform lives.


Best thing before sliced bread?

The best thing before sliced bread was (and continues to be, despite the world-changing revolution that was the slicing of bread) football.