Directors and Leadership

Marianne McCallum

Marianne McCallum


Leadership team, responsible for church family pod. In conjunction with the senior leader I help oversee and support the ministries in the church that build people up, so that its members can be supported to be all God has called them to be. We also seek to build bridges between what we do in church, with what happens outside church, so that as we connect more deeply with God and then with one another, we move to use our gifts to serve.


Why I’m on Leadership:

I truly believe in the God given potential of each human being no matter where they are from, or what they have done, and that if each member of the body realises that, connects with God and lives the life God called them to then real and lasting transformation will occur. I am also passionate about our community, believing the church is for them not herself, and I love being part of a team committed to serving, blessing and reaching out to those around them


2 reasons to come to Connect Church:

1. Because you are welcome: wherever you are, whatever you’ve done, whatever experience of church you’ve had I know that the God who created the universe welcomes you, loves you and wants to be in a relationship with you.

2.The coffee 😉


Best thing before sliced bread?

Chunks of warm crunchy homemade bread with butter – still is the best!